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The Other Side Of Make-Believe CD

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Imbued with pastoral longing and newfound grace, The Other Side of Make-Believe also explores the more sinister undercurrents of the present day. Daniel Kessler's serpentine guitar arrangements crest skywards in "Into The Night," Samuel Fogarino shatters his percussive precision into strange meters, while Paul Bank's vocals exudes a deep, yearning vulnerability.

Produced by the legendary team of Flood and Moulder, Interpol's seventh album is a masterpiece of sadness, darkness, and introspection.


    1. Toni
    2. Fables
    3. Into The Night
    4. Mr. Credit
    5. Something Changed
    6. Renegade Hearts
    7. Passenger
    8. Greenwich
    9. Gran Hotel
    10. Big Shot City
    11. Go Easy (Palermo)